World Healing Update…..


there is nothing more urgent facing the world, as a planet, than the situation at Fukushima, Japan, which hourly threatens to become, unless we can prevent it, the worst disaster in human history.


Why isn’t this on the news? Because the reactors forced on Japan so cynically after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, are american built General Electric, of which there are 23 on the eastern seaboard of the US alone, with GE being the overall largest contributor to the Obama presidential election.


What’s happening now? The plan to remove the “spent” fuel rods, (more dangerous that new ones) one by one, form the roof of reactor no 4, where they had been “stored”, for lack of actual waste disposal anywhere on the planet, was abandoned on 15th November, as too dangerous. One slip, fission occurs, and, unlike the debris already in the Pacific Ocean, this goes straight up into the atmosphere, rendering the entire Northern hemisphere radioactively contaminated. Time to move South?


Already, they didn’t evacuate Tokyo, for fear of a panic, now deemed to be of a “hazardous, toxic contamination status”, and ensuring that most of its 7 million citizens could now face a ten to fifteen year life expectancy at most…….


We need to get all our healing efforts, at public sanctuaries or in private, with or without “spirit agencies”, concentrated on plans to prop up reactor no 4, and stop it collapsing into the bog, caused by the excessive amounts of water cooling….


So if you think this is “pretentious bullshit” check it out on “European Committee on Radiation Risk, Prof. Chris Busby; in particular, the hour long documentary “On Fukushima Beach” by Andrew Ebisu.


As far as home grown nukes go, we need a renunciate with the balls to sue EDF and the govt. re “activities designed to endanger human life” at Hinkley, etc, in support of the living…..and generations to come…..


So lets get this information out, so that the UN and Govt. scientists everywhere, are forced to take action, and help Japan…..

Have a great Solstice everyone, and best wishes for 2014!


Cheers for now,

Rollo M.