Praying for the Crash.------ by John Michell  (circa 2008.)
(The following piece was written by John Michell, world famous author of “The View Over Atlantis”, and over 20 other books on ley lines, stone circles, sacred geometry and earth mysteries, shortly before he passed away in 2009. He was a great friend to druids and truth-seekers everywhere!)

“We are heading for an almighty slump, say the financial journalists, and they all claim to have predicted it. I do not remember them doing that. For most of last year, while property prices were roaring ahead and a miraculous, ever-expanding economy seemed to have been invented, journalists went on boosting shares and cheering on the money-lenders, with tips and bonuses all round. Now, they say, the day of reckoning is at hand--and it is all our fault. By absorbing the loans and credits thrust upon us we are choked by debts and unable to perform our duty to the economy by buying up everything in sight. That means the economy will collapse and….where does that leave us?

That is the important question--to us. But beyond our human concerns are the interests of mother nature, and from her point of view the sooner the whole world political-economic system collapses the better it will be for earthly life in general--including ultimately ourselves. I do not expect it to happen suddenly, like a bursting balloon, but in an agony of death throes. The first stage, which we are now into, is the stage of repression. As social cohesion weakens and symptoms of distress multiply in both people and nature, governments are impelled to clamp down and keep order by force. The next stage sees elected rulers swept away by dictators and gangsters, while the exploitation of the earth, its life and resources, becomes uninhibited. Finally emerges the ultimate figure of paranoia, the one-world tyrant, the Great Beast or Antichrist in the language of apocalypse, who enslaves the nations and rules them form his world-centre city of Babylon. His fierce, brief reign is followed by the Fall when, among the survivors, it is “every man for himself.”

This scenario has been repeated throughout countless millennia. The rise and fall of empires is an historical constant. But always in past ages the fall of civilisation has been followed by a pastoral Arcadia, with goats grazing in the temple precinct and healthy peasants in picturesque hovels among the ruins. That today is no longer an option. Never before has it been like this, when almost everyone on earth lives by and is dependent on a rapacious global economy that has its own momentum and is now far beyond human control. As the old Russian writers used to ask. What should we do now?

Perhaps nothing. There are thousands of good causes to support, such as saving the whale and defending the cultures of jungle tribes. But these are ultimately futile, because the forces of the modern world are irresistible, even locally. Not until everyone and everything is subsumed within the global system will its impetus be exhausted. The situation is not pleasant to contemplate, but until it is recognised and admitted, along with our inability to deal with it, we shall continue to flounder, trusting in new technologies to save the day, even though they make things worse. So the answer is, surrender, admit defeat, swallow pride and pray for guidance. The root cause of all our problems is godlessness and its noxious side-products, arrogance, wilfulness, obsessive greed and spiritual and moral blindness. Take for example the so-called solution that governments are now backing, the mass construction of nuclear power stations. To anyone with any aesthetic perception it is quite plain that these devices are monstrous, unnatural and therefore satanic. They may for a while hold off the impending crash, but when it comes it will be nastier and messier than ever.

It is fatal even to contemplate such contrivances, because to do so is to encourage the delusion that we can ‘save the planet’ by our own inventiveness. Think about reality, confess you own helplessness and then consider the immortal world-soul and you own soul that partakes in it. That opens the channel for the spirit of divine revelation which, when invoked and activated, lights the way to the salvation of nature and humanity.”

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