The Truth Four Square!! 
Upon the occasion of William Blake’s 256th anniversary.

For everything that is, is Holy!
Blake’s vision thundering forth at Stonehenge,
Or else whispered as an hiatus,
A little before we all stand
“heart to heart, and hand in hand”
And wrestle with the spirit eternal
As briefly it broadens out and embraces us
In the natural amplifier of ancient stone….

If only the divine spirit of all things,
Were like an ocean or a waterfall of bliss,
Into which we could step, and heal, paddle or swim
We could make regular journeys to its place of
Issuing forth. We could plunge or bathe in it at will,
Returning home, after we have had our fill
Instead, we take drugs or try to practice
Meditation, and if we’re very lucky, get
Away from it all, to some idyllic paradise
Vacation beach, or even a good hill at sunset or sunrise.

Did the breath divine that breathed on Blake,
Foresee our present age and its need for prophecy,
Empowering him to reach into the heart of every soul,
Now and in every future time, to draw out the god man,
Or the goddess woman, and enable them to grasp,
If but for a little while, not self, but humanity?

Now is the time to take down those “satanic mills”
That wear poor Albion down, and drive us all to poverty.
Say “no” to those who tell you they are “green”, 
Non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-contaminant, non-dangerous.
This is a lie, this folly against self; Blake was right
If we do not build Jerusalem amongst them, 
There will be no heaven and no earth,
And no you or me, or love………….

C  Rollo Maughfling  28.11.2013
This poem was read before the Blake's Society, in the Blake Room at Tate Britain, 28/11/2013. 
"The Truth Four Square!!" - alludes to the fact that Blake's 256th anniversary, 
represents 4 x 64, the number, by gematria, of Aletheia, the greek for truth.