Stonehenge Summer Solstice Ceremony 2007

Estimated numbers of celebrants around 23,000, arrests 2 for drunkeness, the summer solstice was deemed a success by EH and the Police alike with plenty of low key stewards manning the stones and surrounds reporting no serious problems on the night. New this year the gathering area, a place for poets, bards and musicians to perform under the stars (luckily the rain kept off all night); a great space to meet up and enjoy the troubadours and rappers, bands and soloists who lugged their instruments around all night just to entertain and enhance the solstice experience. Thanks to all the performers who accepted such unusual hours and conditions for no fee!!

Other highlights included the Sunset Ceremony in the Stones, the king's Drummers and the Sacred Soap Box. Looking forward to even more entertainment next year now we have got the gathering area off the ground.  The fire brazier was a welcome addition keeping small children and big kids warm during the darkest hours.


                                Members of CoBDO and the Dolmen Grove  make ceremony inside the stones