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 A Spiritual message from Stonehenge ---- The Rebirth of Care.
The ancient Mayan calendar has attracted attention around the world and interestingly, the moment of its conclusion occurs at precisely  11.11 am on the morning of Friday 21st December 2012. This coincides exactly with when the sun, as seen from earth in its annual cycle, marks the winter solstice, a time zone fact peculiar to Stonehenge, a five thousand year old stellar observatory.

We the Druids and people of Stonehenge welcome this supreme co-incidence, because not only is it a time for the renewal of this ancient mayan calendrical device, but it coincides for us, with the entry of the sun, moon, and planets, in their 25,920 year precessional course around the zodiac, into the much heralded sign of Aquarius, where they will stay for the next 2160 years, which constitutes a so called aeon or age.

The start of a universal new aeon, or zodiacal great month, has always been seen by cultures around the world as a time of renewal, and re-appraisal, when we, humanity, have another chance to fight off the evils of hatred, greed, warfare and  starvation. 

Hence we have called our ceremony and celebrations today, “the Rebirth of Care”, calling, in the name of peace and love, for the return of the influence in the human psyche of the ancient greek goddess Charis, (Celtic pron. Karis) whose name means Care, in the highest sense, of care for both planet and people, as well as charity towards all good causes. May she revolutionise our attitudes and our behaviour, and bring true civilisation, at last, to planet earth.

Rollo Maughfling & Donna Brooke   (pictured)
Archdruid & Archdruidess of Stonehenge. 
Council of British Druid Orders (CoBDO).