Ken Kesey's Bus "Further", 'cos that's where he wanted to go !!

We met Ken and his merry pranksters at The Minnack theatre in Cornwall for the Solar eclipse 1999. They were doing a show "the search for Merlin" with channel four, with their replica bus, around parts of the UK, part of the summerof love series.  The real bus is gracefully rusting away at Ken's with foiliage growing around and through it!

They performed a silly play that included the actual eclipse when the whole audience tried to cloud bust a glimpse of the phenomenon. Everything went quiet and darker and we had a few minutes of night before a second dawn.

Later we all met up at nearby Boscawen Un where, after Ken read out his I Ching reading, he decided to go under Excalibur, the Sword of Britain and be Knighted by Arthur Pendragon (LAW) electing to be called Sir Kay in reference to Arthurs adopted brother.







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