Lady Olivia Durdin-Robertson  


It is with great sadness, that the Glastonbury Order of Druids says a fond farewell to the Hon. Olivia Durdin- Robertson, friend and patron of the Order since 1975.


Sister of the late great goddess scholar, Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, and cousin of poet and "White Goddess" author, Robert Graves, Lady Olivia Durdin Robertson was co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis, the foremost 20th and 21st century propagator of the religious and spiritual truth of the many goddesses of the many cultures around the globe, and their essential unity.


With Iseums, Lyceums, and goddess sanctuaries throughout  both northern and southern hemispheres, Olivia was truly a mega talent at reviving the divine feminine in our midst, at all its pagan source levels. She will be greatly missed. Here is just a thumbnail sketch, of some of her far-sightedness.





Goddess rest her soul!! --goddess, rest her soul!!

Well, who’d a’ thought it!!
But, typical of Olivia , who lived in style, she went in style, too as well!!

It’s all too easy for all of us to be saying “what was I doing then, at the moment when Olivia passed on?!! And some of us will have been up to much the same as Olivia herself got up to, at her tender age of 96.…!!

It wasn’t until the morning after, that we knew and came to understand, the things that had happened in the night, and what they meant .

Olivia wasn’t only an ancient re-incarnated atlantean priestess;- she was THE ancient re-incarnated Altlantean Priestess.

Having twice seen her at her Clonegal Castle, and confessed that on both occasions, I had utterly failed to find Tara, even with a map, she was non-plussed.

“Don’t go back to Arklow“, she said as though she meant it, “take the high road on up over the mountain, Mount Leinster, up on from Banclody!!”

Then we were in Bunclody, taking the high road up on over Mount Leinster.

“It’s very cold!” I said to Donna “Yeah, and very misty too as well!”, she replied.

The road, narrow at the best of times, wound round over a hillock, and into a dip. Fog sitting right on top of us and behind. More fog advanced rapidly towards us, down the opposite slope. A few bare thorn trees, some stones and a pond. Not much else. But it felt suddenly quite snug and warm again, in the car……

And then it started…and then we heard it. A rising cacophony of clashing shields and brandishing swords……metal on metal…and above that, and beyond, the sound of men shouting, and the screams of those mortally wounded, and dying, and all the hurly-burly of war, full scale war, with all its horrors…

But it was an ancient war, or an ancient battle,….and whoever won, or whoever lost, the dead still lay dying, and the victors still rose a triumphant cheer, in that spot, on Mount Leinster, to this day.

Well, we made it in the end, down off the other side of Mount Leinster, and ended up in a primitive southern Irish housing estate, well, at least it was normal, and in this world!!…but we had to move on…we were on a mission to take John Pendragon’s ashes to Tara, some of them anyway, for the scatterin‘….but that its another tale, anyway..….

We didn’t see Olivia again, until a great many years later, when she asked us to sit up with her, and watch for the comet Hale-Bopp!

She was there in the evening, after dark, in her tiny kitchen with the blind pulled back to watch the stars, and she made us bacon and eggs whilst she watched Star Trek…..Then, she ran out into the courtyard in her housecoat and slippers, hoarfrost and ice on the window glass and on the eave, to whoop and holler in the crispy night air, as a burst of light, traversed the heavens…………

Copyright Rollo Maughfling, 16.11.2013.